We exist for people to enjoy and share authentic experiences through our brands.

Above all, people:



Visionary spirit


We have always been clear about our work and the way we want to relate to others. We have a modest spirit, a sincere manner, and a humble approach.

Wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation, making us experts in what we do. Our work is our vocation. We are detail-oriented and love our work.

The DNA of our founder, a true visionary, has become the DNA of the company for 250 years. It inspires the building of Osborne’s future.

We offer our best, respect our heritage and improve it by looking to the future. We love what we do and are committed to giving the best of ourselves.

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Our expertise

We accompany people in the most important moments, offering what we do best. To this end, we have various brands in the 5 business areas that we have around the world.

We are cultivating, beyond land


Committed to young people.

Since 2016 we have trained more than 500 young talents. The Osborne Foundation empowers them to learn and become entrepreneurs. We also take care of our heritage.


Committed to the environment.

We have ISO EMS 14001 quality certification, and we are the first winery with sustainable syndicated funding. We use renewable energies and almost 100% of our waste is non-polluting.


Committed to the world.

We contribute to 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

We think of everything, especially you

You will find a stable and inclusive job with us. You will work on quality projects. You will be part of an organisation that believes in the internal promotion and professional development of its teams. What’s more, you will have:

A flexible payment plan!

Save money while buying the same services as always. Choose childcare, study or take advantage of tax-free health insurance.

A commitment to work-life balance!

We offer initiatives like Albenture, which helps and facilitates the day-to-day management of private affairs. Time is gold!

Continuous Training

We love learning new things, feeling motivated and improving ourselves. Technical training, skills training, languages training or product training are part of our everyday work.

Internal Promotion

We believe in the professional skills of our employees. That’s why 69% of our management team come from the identification of internal talent.

Your opinion matters to us!

That’s why we conduct work climate surveys, and we have an internal social network!

Special prices, everyday!

Buy Osborne products through the employee shop at special prices. Also available for friends and family!

A team of expertise and tenacity

We are the result of the effort, passion and commitment of a group of people united by more than two centuries of history. Our team – the brand ambassadors – takes on challenges, contributes ideas, builds links, and enjoys this transformative, global challenge. It is, without a doubt, our greatest legacy.


Hospitality Trade Marketing

“I decided to join Osborne because I was very attracted to the idea of a company with an international character, with very interesting challenges ahead, and I loved the possibility of working for a Company that produces and owns its own brands”.


Head of the Oenology Department

“What struck me is how knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. You still hear stories of Osborne workers from more than a century ago, which is striking and unthinkable in any multinational today."


Head of Administration

“The staff, the sense of belonging and commitment of all its employees is what most struck me at Osborne. It’s as if we were all owners and looking after our work."


Brand Manager of Carlos I and Premium Brandy

“The level of recognition and value that our products receive from people all over the world is something that brings me great satisfaction. I am proud to work for a company that is family-owned and long-established, but also with a clear international outlook, highly recognised and valued.”


Area Director Western & Southern Europe

“The image of Osborne in Spain and abroad is very positive. Friendly and professional people, great brands, etc. So it's a great pleasure to work for the company and work for the family. Every day I'm motivated to go the extra mile. Motivation, passion and pride!”


Head of Communication and Marketing of 5J Restaurants

“Among the company’s values, the one with which I most identify with is undoubtedly Commitment. Commitment and respect for the work, for the staff that create it and for the great future that awaits the company.”

Osborne, a global company

Present in 70 countries. More than 30% of our turnover comes from international markets. We operate directly from China and Brazil. Where are we located? In Germany, the USA, the UK, Italy, Mexico, The Philippines, and in airport Duty Free shops. We have a clear roadmap that points to a transnational consolidation strategy.


of all sales of our own brands come from abroad


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Since 1772, our centuries-old story has witnessed the transformation of the authentic into the extraordinary. A family saga and a team of people united by a common vision: to preserve the legacy and to design the future, to keep the best tradition and to combine it with ongoing innovation. A unique business trajectory thanks to the long-term vision, talent and commitment of people like you.

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Did you know…

Did you know that the Osborne family and J.R.R. Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings, are closely related? Francisco Javier Morgan Osborne was a priest from Cádiz who emigrated to Birmingham. There he took care of a 12-year-old orphan boy named John Ronald Reuel Tolkien.

Did you know that the etymology of Ampersand is “and by itself”? It comes from the contraction and per se and.

Did you know that Osborne’s bull is 14 metres high, equivalent to a building of more than 3 floors?

Did you know that Dalí designed a special edition for our Conde de Osborne Brandy?

Did you know that the bottle of Anís del Mono was inspired by a diamond French perfume bottle?

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