Our aim is to consolidate our position as an international benchmark for Spanish gastronomy through iconic brands with which people enjoy and share the authentic, thus helping to preserve the social and cultural heritage of our country.
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1772 - 2022
For 250 years we have been developing our activities around the idea of creating a sustainable legacy over time.

Above all, people:


We have always been clear about our work and the way we want to relate to others. We have a modest spirit, a sincere manner, and a humble approach.


Wisdom has been passed down from generation to generation, making us experts in what we do. Our work is our vocation. We are detail-oriented and love our work.

Visionary spirit

The DNA of our founder, a true visionary, has become the DNA of the company for 250 years. It inspires the building of Osborne’s future.


We offer our best, respect our heritage and improve it by looking to the future. We love what we do and are committed to giving the best of ourselves.

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Osborne, a global company

Present in 70 countries. Almost 40% of our turnover comes from international markets. We operate directly from China and Brazil. Where are we located? In Germany, the USA, the UK, Italy, Mexico, The Philippines, and in airport Duty Free shops. We have a clear roadmap that points to a transnational consolidation strategy.

Key markets:
Germany, China, Spain, USA, France, Mexico, Portugal, UK, Italy and Brazil


Managers Coming From Internal Promotion



+70 countries

International presence

Our expertise

We accompany people in the most important moments, offering what we do best. To this end, we have various brands in the 5 business areas that we have around the world.


Did you know that we have a selection of 100% cured Iberian acorn-fed pork products?


Surely you’ve tried one of our liqueurs or drinks, without knowing that it was Osborne. Have a look and find it below!


Our selection comes from the best wine regions of the Iberian Peninsula.


Riofrío isa small town in the Sierra de Loja, in the province of Granada. This area is the birthplace of Caviar Riofrío, thefirst certified organic caviar in the world.


We offer our home around the world to taste and share the most exquisite Osborne products. Complete the experience!


Visit our century-old wine cellars and learn first-hand about the production process of the treasure of our heritage.

We are cultivating, beyond land

Committed to the environment

We have ISO EMS 14001 quality certification, and we are the first winery with sustainable syndicated funding. We use renewable energies and almost 100% of our waste is non-polluting.

Committed to young people

Since 2016 we have trained more than 500 young talents. The Osborne Foundation empowers them to learn and become entrepreneurs. We also take care of our heritage.

Committed to governance

Osborne is one of the pioneering family businesses in implementing a model of Good Corporate Governance in its management bodies. Building for the next generations is a goal in a family business like ours, where legacy cannot be alien to the concept of sustainable business development.

We think of everything, especially you

You will find a stable and inclusive job with us. You will work on quality projects. You will be part of an organisation that believes in the internal promotion and professional development of its teams. What’s more, you will have:


We work to attract and retain the best talent, maximising the commitment and feeling of belonging of our staff through various actions that help us to create a good working environment and respond to their needs and concerns, with the aim of making Osborne a better company to work for, making the most of a wide range of tools: Work Climate Surveys, Development Plans and Onboarding Plans among others.


At Osborne we are firmly committed to equal treatment and opportunities for men and women,as well as for workers with disabilities, as a basic and cross-cutting principle in all areas of work. Osborne has signed a Framework Agreement for Equality in 2021.


We communicate in a transparent and constant manner through various tools such as our internal communication app, DirectOs 5.0, our internal communication mailbox, notice boards in our work centres and other initiatives that allow us to inform immediately of everything that happens in our Company.


Aware that work-life balance is a value embedded in today's society, at Osborne we are committed to a work culture that contributes to the well-being and motivation of people, developing measures that contribute to making work-life balance a reality and not an aspiration.


We preserve internal equity and strive to be competitive. All jobs are valued under salary bands defined by the level of the job's contribution to the organisation, which are reviewed annually.


We have the necessary tools to optimise our employees' careers. Last year, we provided more than 12,700 hours of training.


At Osborne, we maintain multiple commitments and obligations acquired in terms of safety, health and well-being, which go beyond formal compliance with the legislation in force whithin the matter. Osborne has a consolidated Safety, Health and Wellness Management System which is aligned with our corporate culture, certified by the International Standard ISO 45001:2018 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. This is a multi-site certification (unique for the entire Group). As a result of this effort, we have maintained the consistent trend of having an incidence rate below or very similar to the level of the sector.

"The greatest satisfaction of working at Osborne is to make our customers live a unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience".

A team of expertise and tenacity

We are the result of the effort, passion and commitment of a group of people united by more than two centuries of history. Our team – the brand ambassadors – takes on challenges, contributes ideas, builds links, and enjoys this transformative, global challenge. It is, without a doubt, our greatest legacy.

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